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Tapestry for Parents and Relatives Android Device Guide


Tapestry for Parents and Relatives Apple iOS Device Guide



The Winnersh Children’s Centre

Children’s Centres act as a central point where families can find a wide variety of activities, play, information and support from professionals working in a wide range of fields and organisations. These professionals team up to share information and work together to ensure that our youngest residents:

·         are healthy

·         stay safe

·         enjoy and achieve

·         make a positive contribution

·         achieve economic well-being

For details of term-time and holiday activities, please visit their regularly updated website:

Children Young People and Families Services

Tapestry is our user friendly way to access your child’s learning and development. Accessed via the tapestry app that can be downloaded to your ipad/iphone/android device.  Parents receive a notification when a new observation of their child is ready to view.

Balancing screen time


Online safety tips for parents

Tips to help keep your child safe online

A parents’ guide to being share aware



 Helping parents keep their children safe online

Talking to your child about online safety

Wokingham speech and language drop in clinics

The CYPIT website provides information on a variety of healthcare services to further support your child, e.g. Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and specialist Dietetic services

Wokingham’s Information Hub

Wokingham’s Early Years Childcare and Play Hub provides information, support and guidance for all Early Years and Play providers within Wokingham.

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