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School Readiness


          Beanstalk ready for school poster

It’s that exciting but sometimes scary time of the year where many families are starting to prepare their children for their next big adventure....... 

Starting school! 

You may have already heard of the term "School Readiness", but what exactly is it and how can you make sure that you and your child are ready?  

We would love to share some things with you to help prepare your child for school.  So here are some handy questions to consider when preparing your child for school  ask yourself...... 

Is your child...... 


  • Able to separate from you with confidence? 

  • Mostly independent when going to the toilet, including washing their hands and wiping their bottom? 

  • Able to put their coat on and attempt to fasten it? 

  • Able to dress and undress themselves? 

  • Beginning to use a knife, fork, spoon and cup and are they willing to try new foods? 

  • Able to open their lunch box, open packets, removes the lid from yogurt, etc.  

  • Able to sing or say familiar nursery rhymes? 

  • Able to follow simple instructions and keep on task? 

  • Able to ask for help and express needs? 

  • Had an opportunity to use a variety of pens and pencils to make marks and write some letters from their name? 

  • Able to recognise their own name? 

  • Able to listen to a story and remember key events and talk about the pictures? 

  • Takes an interest in counting and numbers in the environment? 

  • Beginning to follow and understand simple routines? 

  • Confident to have a go at new activities? 

  • Able to turn take and share with other children? 

  • Able to use scissors safely and attempt to snip/cut paper 


And finally....... 

Able to recognise their own belongings 

So the great news is that your child doesn't need to count to 200, write a short story or even read an entire book. If you can encourage them with any of the above tasks they will be off to a flying start in September! 

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