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Parent Partnership

We encourage parent partnership and involvement in every aspect of your child’s care and early years education.   Our aim is to support parents as their children’s first and most important educators by involving them in the full life of the setting.  All parents are made to feel welcome and valued.   We operate an open house policy within the nursery where parents are encouraged to take an active part in nursery life sharing their cultural experiences, knowledge, skills and interests.




We value our relationships with parents and are committed to working in partnership sharing an open communication of information which is used to improve and build upon our knowledge of the needs of each child and along with supporting the needs of the family. 


Daily conversations offer the opportunity to share information with nursery staff. 

We operate a “Key Person System” within the nursery, which means that within your child’s room there will be a member of staff responsible for maintaining your child’s records and ensuring their progress whilst at nursery.  This person will also work closely with you and your child during the settling – in period.


We inform all parents on a regular basis about their child’s progress and involve parents in the shared record keeping about their child:


Learning Journals

Tapestry is a simple and effective way to record and share information allowing collaborative partnership with our parents.  Tapestry allows staff to capture children’s learning experiences along with monitoring learning and development.  This unique journal is shared online with parents sharing special moments and allowing them to see their child’s unique learning journey 24 hrs a day all year round.  Parents can also contribute their own observations, photographs and videos of their child’s learning whilst at home.


Parents’ Evenings

We offer a bi-annual parents’ evening providing the opportunity for parents to come and talk to their child’s key person and discuss care, learning and development and plan together ‘Next Steps’ in learning.



Ongoing information about the nursery along with planned nursery events are shared in the termly newsletters.

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