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My name is Laurence, but the children call me Jackie (my middle name), and I have been teaching French at Acorns Day Nursery for over 3 years. 


I am a licensee for La Jolie Ronde and I teach in nurseries, primary schools around the Wokingham and Reading area, and even at home.  As I cannot do all the classes myself, I also receive help from my tutor, Madame Chabbi, and together we really enjoy teaching our mother language to the children.


La Jolie Ronde celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013 and specialises in teaching French and Spanish to children aged 0 to 11 years old. There are hundreds of centres across the UK and teachers ready to share their enthusiasm for languages with the children. With its range of programmes developed and adapted to suit different age groups and abilities.


After I finished my training with La Jolie Ronde, I started a French class in my first nursery and it kept growing from there. A few months later, Karen gave me a call to start a La Jolie Ronde class at Acorns Day Nursery where I have taught French to the children since. Now, Madame Chabbi and I teach in 4 different schools, 3 nurseries and I have various classes at home and I really enjoy it! My best reward is to see the children growing confident speaking French and doing very well at it. 


Every lesson, we remember how to count in French, greet each other and say our name and also say how we feel.


Every week, we also have our “bain français” (a few minutes), allowing us to remember and practice already known vocabulary and sing known songs or recite known rhymes or action chants before we start learning new things.


Our friends Matou le chat and Tounette la souris, a French cat and a French mouse, my puppets, come and help us learn and have fun!


A bientôt!


Laurence Thonon








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“I have sent all 3 of my children to Acorns Day Nursery and I cannot recommend them enough.  My children have thrived in the supportive and caring environment provided by the exceptional staff at Nursery.  The children have been treated as individuals and their different needs catered for expertly.  I have always found the Nursery team to be loving and caring and they are always available for formal and informal discussions about the children.  Nursery have provided a wide range of learning experiences for the children, including French classes, Debutots and a visiting farm, to say but a few.  I have been impressed with just how well the key workers get to know the children and enjoyed seeing the stages of development achieved in their Learning Journey. Most importantly, the children were smiling when I dropped them off and smiling when I picked them up after having a happy fun filled day.”

“Acorns Day Nursery has played a huge part on our families life over the past eight years. Both of my children have been incredibly happy there and, over the years, the teams dedication to the children and their learning journey has been fantastic. They have not only ensured that my children have been well cared for and happy, but they are equipped with the skills to start school and grow as individuals. I would highly recommend.”

“My son and daughter started at Acorns when they were about one and spent several years at Acorns Day Nursery before leaving for school. They had a lovely time at the nursery, initially upstairs in the baby room and subsequently down stairs in the "Great Oasks" room. The staff were great and provided a super environment for my two to grow and develop.”

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