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Welcome to the Acorns Day Nursery Website.

"A child’s early years are the most formative, and childhood is a precious time" 

Acorns Day Nursery is privately owned and managed nursery. This enables us to provide a small homely nursery offering a loving and safe environment in which children can thrive emotionally and educationally learn new skills through planned and spontaneous activities. Your son/daughter will be encouraged to learn about the world around them exploring and experimenting, socialising and developing relationships with other children at his/her own pace.  

Assessment of your child in the form of observation-based assessment during their day-to-day activities forms an integrated part of the learning and planning process. Each child’s needs are planned for individually so that they can reach their full potential. 

The nursery is registered with Wokingham District Council as an Early Years provider. Parents can receive funding, currently the terms after their child’s third birthday. Acorns Day Nursery Ltd is an equal opportunities establishment so that no child, parent or member of staff is disadvantaged as a result of their gender, race, religion, culture or ability. The nursery is open Monday – Friday throughout the year with the exception of Bank Holidays and a few days between Christmas and New Year. Our opening times are 8am – 6pm. We operate an open house policy within the nursery, and parents are encouraged to take an active part in nursery life. We recognise that parents are their child’s first educators and that they have unique information and understanding of their child which the staff will want to share. All parents are made to feel welcomed and valued. We welcome any suggestions and opinions and believe in an equal exchange of information. Staff are happy to discuss with parents any concerns or aspects of their child’s development at a mutually agreeable time.

In 2004/5 we were the Winner of a Childcare provider award, run by Wokingham District Council for all Childcare providers in the Wokingham area.  The following year 2005/6 the Nursery took runner up prize, however two members of our staff took the top prizes for best staff member.

The nursery can cater for up to 45 children aged 12 weeks to 5 years. 

The nursery is registered with Ofsted, the unique reference number is 148596.